This Ol' House

This Ol' House is filled, with a lot of memories
I never thought the day would come that we would ever leave
All the things I saved forever to sort through on a rainy day
All the things I could never live without, today I threw away
Here In This Ol' House

This empty place I'm standing in used to be my room
I'd sit for hours playing guitar, and singing Neil Young tunes
And I'd lay at night and wonder, just where I'd be today
And just as long as This Ol' House was here
I knew I'd always be ok
Here in This Ol' House

The day I left for college, and said goodbye to my best friend
The first time that I realized a broken heart can mend
Was in This Ol' House

I'll sure miss this place
But today I finally see
The last ten years Moms lived alone
This house needs a family
There's a lot of living to be had throughout the future years
A lot of laughter will fill these rooms, and yea I guess a lot of tears
Here in This Ol' House

This Ol' House
Recorded at Direct Image Studios, Nashville Tennessee
Produced by: Kenny Royster and Desiree
Drums: Bob Warren
Bass: David Francis
Electric Guitar: Dug Grieves
Acoustic Guitar: Pat McGrath
Keyboards: Dennis Wage
Steel: Tony Paoletta
Back Ground Vocals: Kim Parent

Copyright: 2004 Music and Lyrics: Desiree