Use this guide as a mantra, as a daily meditation, or however you see fit to help you with your writing and general self well being.


  1. I will learn more about the component most critical to the success of my song writing career. I will discover my strengths and I will work daily to improve upon my weaknesses. I understand that absolute honesty is of the utmost importance in this endeavor.
  2. I will work daily to fire my passion. I will read books, watch TV programs, awards shows, read magazine articles, buy CD’s of my favorite writers and artists, everything I can find that inspires me.
  3. I will surround myself with positive people and I will avoid people who don’t understand my pursuit of songwriting.
  4. I will be brave and try new things in my writing.
  5. I will strive to find my true voice, rather than to say what I think others expect me to.
  6. I will accept the fact that not everyone will like every one of my songs. I know that I will face rejection along my path to success. I know that criticism is not directed towards me personally. I will use it as a tool to improve my writing.
  7. I will accept that this is not an easy path that I have chosen, and that persistence will be one of the keys to my success.
  8. I will always remember that this must first be fun and enjoyable for me. When it stops being so, I will step back and recharge my batteries or adjust my course.
  9. I will never doubt myself. I know that as long as I have a true desire to become a successful songwriter, I can reach my goals with time and patience.
  10. I will always be on the lookout for opportunities to improve myself, my network and my song crafting skills.


Desiree's Mantra - Recommended inspirational Mantra for writers & life
Desiree’s Mantra – Recommended inspirational Mantra for writers & life

Desiree 🙂